Record Lab designs OB Van on basis of Lawo’s V__4

New 16-camera OB van concept uses Video-over-IP networking with Lawo equipment.

Cologne-based outside broadcast service provider RecordLab TV & Media GmbH is currently designing its first OB van for TV production. The original concept for the 16-camera truck was radically revised after director Markus Maschke visited the Lawo both during IBC 2013, where he discovered the V__link4 all-in-one-box solution for video contribution via IP.

The unit combines a complete bi-directional 4-channel Video-over-IP-Interface with all of the processing tools typically needed for the contribution of audio and video data during broadcast productions.

“It was during the IBC that I realized that this unit and the IP-based approach will be the future,” says Maschke. The consequence was that RecordLab decided to change the conceptual design of the truck in order to bring Lawo’s new video network technology to the mobile stageboxes and I/O-units.

“This networking-via-IP brings us great advantages during productions, compared to the conventional point-to-point connections. It allows us to be much more flexible, and we no longer have to lay several lines from every OB van, which results in rigging time being reduced,” says Maschke.

“With the networked V__link4 units, all signals become available in the “cloud”, which makes each signal accessible from every stagebox and in the truck,’ he says, describing another benefit of Lawo’s approach over traditional concepts and technologies. “Additional mobile units can be easily integrated into the network, and by feeding the streams into already available IP-structures at a venue, we need much less equipment and cabling for internal distribution.”

Additionally, using WLAN access points, mobile devices can receive different programs on-site, allowing producers and production managers, and even editorial staff, to follow a show on their tablets or smartphones – flexibility without further installation requirements.

Maschke sums up: “With the V__link4, we have chosen a system that allows us to respond to customer wishes more efficiently than ever before. For us, this means shorter holding times and less effort. These reduced costs can be passed on to our customers while raising quality at the same time. And with this new concept, we are already ready for remote production – and thus ready for the future already today.”

About Record Lab TV & Media GmbH
Located near Cologne in Germany, RecordLab TV & Media GmbH is a technical broadcast service provider. Since the company began working with Outside Broadcast NV (Belgium), it offers clients six HDTV OB-vans, editing suites, fly-away control rooms and more. With state-of-the-art distribution technologies, RecordLab provides production services for national and international clients. A further 16-camera HD OB-van is under currently construction, and will be completed in April 2014.