Lawo optimizes radio newsroom workflows with JADE 2.0.

Lawo’s JADE 2.0 virtual audio router is a versatile tool, managing all audio into and out of the PC. It simplifies workflows when working with several audio sources and applications, enabling less technical audio users like journalists and news editors to operate more independently.

Being middleware between the PC’s audio sources and the PC’s audio applications, this radio software tool provides a unified interface to all audio applications, even when multiple audio hardware pathways are included. It can remember the routings for various tasks and recall them instantly. The intuitive touchscreen-optimized GUI includes long-throw faders for sources and monitoring outputs and large scale PPM meters to visualize input and output levels. Sound processing is made simple with JADE’s processing presets enabled with a simple click.

JADE 2.0 is the ideal tool for newsroom applications, making the journalists’ existing PCs become easy-to-use production workstations. Instead of producing clips in separate, dedicated edit suites, JADE 2.0 allows a decentralized workflow with journalists producing in parallel on multiple workstations, covering scenarios like sound-bite editing, recording from internet livestreams, TV or radio programs, and conducting phone interviews using VoIP. All this can be done without moving to a dedicated studio or edit suite. And also within edit suites JADE 2.0 is the perfectly suited environment for managing voice recordings, live interviews, events using external lines or codecs or multi-channel editing. Another application is field-production. JADE 2.0 allows laptops to become mobile audio workstations with all the features needed to produce in locations like press conferences, hotel rooms or even sporting and special events.

JADE 2.0 handles up to 12 mono or stereo sources including processing. Its compatible with audio hardware supplying ASIO, WASAPI, WDM or MME drivers and supports ASIO direct monitoring. Connections to other audio software are provided via four virtual ASIO and four WDM clients. For perfect integration in IP-based studio environments JADE 2.0 provides native RAVENNA audio-over-IP support for receiving up to 16 audio channels and sending up to 12 audio channels via IP networks.