German-Swiss-US-based Podcast uses JADE Studio

The podcast “Geek-Week.de” was one of the first to produce their shows completely with Lawo’s virtual audio router JADE. Geek-Week reports on a weekly basis on hot technology topics – especially focusing on developments from the Silicon Valley.

What’s special about the 1-hour podcast: The hosts – three journalists – are based in Portland (Oregon, US), Bern (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany).

In the past, the bloggers Frederic Lardinois (techcrunch.com), Marcus Schuler (Bavarian Broadcaster / BR) and Jean-Claude Frick had to mix elaborately analog and digital worlds when recording their podcasts. They did already use Lucy Live as VOIP-Software, but the digital signals from Bern and Portland were fed into an analog console, and from there again into a digital recorder.

Since May, the tech-podcast now uses JADE, Lawo’s virtual audio-router. “We are very happy with JADE Studio and proud that we were able to be part of the beta-phase”, says Marcus Schuler, 43, journalist and podcaster. “JADE Studio brings the analog radio-feeling to our monitors. On the touch-screen-monitor you have all the incoming signals available and you can focus on what really counts – creating your show. The real innovation is that JADE has access to all the signals of your Windows-PC and makes them available as faders on your virtual mixing console – without additional hardware.”

For the creators of the tech-podcast, the production of their shows became much easier with JADE. All signal paths are and remain digital all the way through. And the Geek-Week makers can now work without an additional console and other sound devices. “We need less technical equipment, now. And the first-time installation is really easy, even for non-tech users. The user interface is foolproof”, explains Schuler, who earlier used to be presenter at the German radio station SWF3.

About Geek-Week
Geek-Week.de is one of the most successful German Tech-Podcasts and reports on a weekly basis on the latest news of the tech- and online world. More info at www.geek-week.de