Lawo demonstrates mirrored console functionality for theater applications at Prolight + Sound

In Frankfurt on Booth B50 in Hall 8.0, Lawo will demonstrate the mirroring of two mc²56 consoles – a requirement especially useful in theater applications that allows an mc² console to be located in the auditorium to prepare and fine-tune the mix during rehearsals.

This is the ideal position to do the mix since it is where the audience is sitting, and it enables the mix engineer to be in close contact with the director and actors. The auditorium console settings are mirrored to a console in the control room where the show mix is normally handled without disturbing the audience. Once the rehearsals are completed and the mix perfected, the auditorium console can be removed, freeing the seats in the auditorium to be taken by paying customers. The show mix is then handled within the audio booth but with the added confidence that the resulting mix presented to the audience is of the highest quality and perfectly attuned to the venue’s acoustical characteristics.

Lawo’s flexible and versatile mc²56 console has been designed to provide plenty of power to handle any situation while delivering the highest possible audio quality. It comes equipped with a powerful engine under the hood, offering extensive audio management capabilities accessible from a user interface that is easy to understand and intuitive to operate. In addition, it offers the very high level of redundancy and reliability that live performance applications demand. Innovative features include a built-in automix capability and it integrates the RAVENNA audio-over-IP technology which is fully compliant with the AES67 IP network standard.

Visitors of the Prolight + Sound are invited to find out more about the mc²56 mirroring capability as well as its many other features through demonstrations and hands-on experience throughout the duration of the show.