Innovason moves final assembly to Germany


Eclipse console now manufactured at Lawo’s facility.

With the completion of Lawo’s new, state-of-the-art production facilities, consoles from Innovason, the French manufacturer of digital live systems, will be assembled, as from July 2010, at the Lawo factory. Relocating the final assembly of Eclipse consoles to Rastatt, Germany, is Innovason’s response to the growing demand for its latest console.

Having moved final assembly to Lawo in Germany, Innovason’s consoles will be produced significantly faster and more efficiently than in Innovason’s own assembly plant in Plougoumelen, Brittany. Furthermore, in an effort to ensure, and improve, the high quality of delivered products, Innovason will take advantage of both the production facilities in which the Lawo consoles’ high quality components are created, and the in-depth knowledge of Lawo’s well-trained specialists.

Cutting-edge technology is therefore not the whole story; it is complemented by a wealth of experience from Lawo employees. Both these components have formed Lawo’s key to success for the last 40 years.

Photo (left to right): Alexander Meng, Head of Production (Lawo AG); Hubert Zimmermann, Quality Control (Lawo AG); Gerard Malvot, Director of Operations (Innovason); Wolfram Lang, Production (Lawo AG); Harald Braun, Production (Lawo AG)