12 points go to Lawo and Audio Broadcast Services

Eurovision Song Contest: Lawo subsidiary sets the global tune.

In the end several winners were celebrating, on and behind the stage. For instance Marija Serifovic, the 22-year old winner of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest. Or YLE, the Finnish television company, which staged a fantastic show. And Audio Broadcast Services (ABS), Lawo’s subsidiary for rentals, could look back on a successful evening. It was after all ABS and Lawo technology which allowed a television and radio audience of millions to actually follow this event.

ABS relied fully on top quality for the technical implementation: the master control room was equipped with a Nova73 HD routing system and linked with Lawo mixers from three generations to form a star shape. An mc²90 with 40 faders and more than 200 DSP channels produced the tracks simultaneously in 5.1 and stereo in master sound production. The final mix was routed via the main matrix in the Prisma HD-1 TV broadcast van. Via an mc²66 (56 faders and more than 240 DSP channels) the final television mix with presentation, atmosphere, trailers and much more was created. The skilled YLE audio team thanked ABS by saying: “Easy job if you can work with such a perfect tool as the mc²66.” Apart from the technical implementation, however, the winners of this evening were the centre of attraction: the beaming singer Marija Serifovic ─ and an audience of millions which enjoyed a perfectly produced show.