Game, set and match won by Lawo

Two networked mc²66 used for the French Open in Paris.

One of the most prestigious international tennis events, the French Open, is in full swing. Traditionally, the toughest games always take place on the red clay of Paris, as clay courts are significantly slower than, for example, hard court surfaces. In order to provide the right audio backdrop for broadcast, the Presteigne Charter Group, a prominent worldwide provider of broadcast rental equipment based in London, picked Lawo mixing consoles; certainly no cracking serves or balls skimming the edge of the net will be missed by TV viewers.

For the first time ever, two mc²66 consoles, capable of accessing shared inputs and outputs, are being used for the Roland Garros Grand Slam tournament. Each console has 56 faders and 144 DSP channels that can be routed via a 3072 x 3072 matrix. During the French Open, the consoles are being used for programmes broadcast by ESPN and TTC (the Tennis Channel). The consoles are located in a ‘container village’, built by the organizer specifically for this event. Apart from live broadcasts of the matches, the mc²66s are also used in their container control rooms to mix the sound for panels of experts and interviews with the tennis players.

The Presteigne Charter Group deliberately decided on the mc²66 consoles from Lawo, as it was imperative to have an easy-to-set-up, highly flexible system, with low weight but the full performance specification of a broadcast console. Another crucial factor was the networkability of the two consoles, and common access to all inputs and outputs; these two points ensured that Lawo became the winner of the game, set and match!

The next sports challenge for Presteigne, again using two mc²66 consoles, will be coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games for Australia’s Channel 7 and TVNZ (TV New Zealand).