Spanish Gol TV uses Lawo equipment for soccer broadcasts.

Unitecnic, subsidiary of the Spanish Mediapro Group, has decided for digital audio systems from Lawo for equipping their new 24/7 sports channel Gol TV. The Lawo equipment comprises a Nova73 HD router and two zirkon consoles, installed in the new headquarters of Mediapro in Barcelona. With these Lawo systems, Gol TV produces, amongst other programmes, the TV broadcasts of the soccer season 2008/2009 in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Responsible as main contractor for this project is Lexon, Lawo’s partner in Spain.

Each of the two zirkon consoles is fitted with 24 motorised faders plus 16 virtual faders as well as Lawo VisTool software for the visualisation. The Nova73 HD router with 8,000 crosspoints offers, among other things, 18 MADI ports and 64 AES3 in- and outputs.

The system is designed for the reception of HDSDI video signals. The embedded audio signals are extracted and distributed to the two zirkon consoles to add the reporters' comments in the desired languages. All in all 25 commentator cabins have been set up. Each zirkon is capable of the simultaneous production of six soccer broadcasts. The flexible and future-orientated design of the Lawo routing system allows the easy integration of new formats and functions.

About Unitecnic
Unitecnic is a subsidiary of the Mediapro Group and in charge of developing engineering projects in the field of broadcast. The company provides their customers with integrated solutions including project engineering, installation, system integration, consulting, software development and turn-key systems.