Lawo equipment on the starting blocks in Beijing

International broadcasters put their trust in Lawo.

The seven million tickets available for the Olympic Games have been sold out. For the billions of sports fans around the world who are looking forward to watching this amazing event on TV at home from next Friday, broadcasters and production companies are now making their final preparations on site.

Lawo equipment will be playing a prominent role in the production of both national and international audio feeds in studios and OB vans ─ an indication that Lawo products enjoy confidence throughout the world. Here are some of the Lawo customers:

Finnish broadcasterYLE,equipped with mc²66, zirkonXL and zirkon consoles, will use on-site sound control rooms for national and international feeds, in conjunction with a YLE studio in Helsinki. In Beijing, YLE will use a Nova73 HD router as the central matrix, to which five Lawo consoles will be linked: one mc²66 for YLE TV 2, one zirkonXL for YLE TV FST-5 and one zirkon for YLE Radio Suomi. Programmes for YLE Radio Extrem (X3m) will be produced, in Swedish, on an additional zirkon console. An mc²66 is being used to mix the audio for the Swedish TV broadcasterSVTVT. They will be providing 790 hours coverage from Beijing with this equipment — a veritable marathon of 440 hours TV and 350 hours radio production.

ARD andZDF, both public broadcasters in Germany, will share their new mobile production unit (MPE) for central signal processing, based at Beijing’s IBC. For routing, the unit has a redundantly designed Nova73 HD, which has a capacity of 8,000 crosspoints, and provides access to 87 redundantly linked Lawo DALLIS frames with over 4,000 inputs and outputs.

Korea’s most important broadcaster,Korean Broadcasting System(KBS), will deploy its new container-based control room in Beijing for the first time. Sound production for South Korea’s national TV and radio coverage will be mixed on a 48-fader mc²66 console. KBS have already enjoyed positive experiences with Lawo equipment: two of their ENG vans have been fitted with zirkon consoles.

The largest Chinese broadcaster,China Central Television(CCTV), will be using two mc²66 consoles in its new HQ for the broadcast of the games. The consoles, with 40 and 32 physical faders respectively, have an HD core with 96 DSP channels and a routing capacity of 3,000 crosspoints; CCTV will be providing 24-hour coverage of the games.

During the run-up to this event, CCTV relied on their Lawo equipment, which proved itself under exceptional conditions: installed in a container-based control room, an mc²66 produced the sound — at 5200m — for the torch relay in the Himalayas. The console had to brave temperatures of below -40°C and an extremely low atmospheric pressure.
And it is this very console that will broadcast the sound of the opening ceremony from the spectacular new Olympic Stadium "Bird’s Nest" for the TV audience all over China.

For the coverage of the Games for Australia’sChannel 7 andTV NZ (TV New Zealand) the BritishPresteigne CharterGroup, a prominent worldwide provider of broadcast rental equipment, will use two mc²66 consoles.

A large number of mc² series consoles have been additionally installed in specially set-up surround control rooms byAudio Broadcast Services, the rental partner for Lawo equipment.

Many of the on-site international OB trucks are equipped with mc²66 mixing consoles. These include units from Alfacam, Outside Broadcast, Cinevideogroup and Prisma OB:

From Belgium,Alfacam is in Beijing with many large OB trucks; nine of these vehicles are equipped with mc²66 consoles, each fitted with 32 or 48 faders, and 96 or 144 DSP channels. In addition, Lawo consoles have been installed in four rented control rooms. Alfacam will be responsible for producing several different types of international feed, as well as coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Also in Beijing is Belgian OB companyOutside Broadcast; among their OB trucks on site are Unit 9 and Unit 14, both fitted last year with mc²66 desks. Additionally, Outside Broadcast will use external control rooms, equipped with mc² consoles, to mix the international feeds for parallel events.

Three OB trucks with mc²66 consoles from Swedish providerPrisma OB are also prepared for the big event. One of these is the HD-1, which is considered to be one of the largest OB trucks in Europe. At 17.5m long and 5.4m wide, this mobile studio offers workspace for 32 video engineers and 2 sound engineers. With the Lawo mc²66 in the sound control room, offering 300 DSP channels and 2,100 I/O routing, the largest and most complex productions can be handled with ease.

Cinevideogroup, from the Netherlands, will deploy in Beijing two HDTV trucks with mc²66 consoles in their audio control areas.

Chinese broadcasters covering the Games in Beijing with their OB trucks include Fujian TV and Hainan TV: TheFujian TV OB truck, completed in January, will use a 32-fader mc²66 for the audio mix; the system has 144 DSP channels and 3,000 crosspoints.Hainan TV, based in the southernmost Chinese province of Hainan, will employ its new OB truck on-site for coverage of the games. The control room is equipped with an mc²66, fitted with 40 faders, and offering up to 96 DSP channels and 3,000 crosspoints.

But not only with regard to equipment, quality of the products and support customers can rely on Lawo in Beijing, but they can also enjoy the individual support facilities offered by Lawo on site. One of these is the Lawo Beijing Service, which provides general transportation, a shuttle service, interpreters, etc. Another is the free Lawo Beijing Guide, specially programmed for use during the Olympic Games, that is ready for downloading to your mobile phone from the Lawo website. It provides valuable information (including Chinese language sound files) on Lawo’s support hotlines, venues, restaurants and bars, hotels, shopping, sightseeing and much more...