Now what belongs together may grow together

Full integration of plug-ins & mixers for the first time.

What was previously only known with workstations is now possible with mc²66 and mc²90: full integration of VST plug-ins. With this groundbreaking innovation Lawo has managed to merge the previously separate worlds of mixing consoles and digital workstations in a fully new way. For you as a user this means that acoustic plug-in worlds can now also be used as mixer functions and that the various tone colours can be accessed even during live productions at any time.

And this is how it works: a newly developed Lawo Plug-in Server linked to a mixer has all requested plug-ins installed. When using a plug-in, the mixer automatically establishes all required audio connections to this plug-in. The ins and outs to the plug-in are supplied to the user in the matrix view as simple audio ins/outs and can therefore be switched at will. The actual benefit is based on the following trick: the mixer dynamically imports all plug-in parameters as if they were the specific parameters of a mixer channel. This means that the mixer knows all settings and that it can optionally save them in the snapshots or the dynamic automation mixes. The great and unique advantage is that with the snapshots and production the user can restore the entire status of the mixer, including its virtual effect racks ─ i.e. the plug-ins ─ at the click of a button. This revolutionary technology was first presented at the NAB 2007 in Las Vegas and has been available to you since February 2008 with the mc²66 and mc²90. It is already in use at the Korean Broadcasting Institute in Seoul.