World Premiere: Lawo presents its own plug-in collection at Prolight+Sound

High-quality mc² signal processing now available in plug-ins.

In a world premiere at the Prolight+Sound trade fair in Frankfurt, Lawo, the internationally renowned manufacturer of digital mixing consoles, will present its first Plug-in Collection. Lawo plug-ins will enable users to experience the benefits and audio quality of Lawo’s mc² series on their own digital audio workstations (DAWs).

The development of these DSP algorithms, which can now be applied independently from Lawo mc² mixing consoles, is based on twenty years experience in DSP programming. Lawo’s legendary sound quality ─ that definitive ‘Lawo Sound’ ─ can now be enjoyed by video editors and sound engineers when working on their DAWs, in the fields of music production, film, television and radio.

The Lawo Plug-in Collection presents a range of high-quality work tools that do not require investment in expensive hardware. Operators will not only benefit from the technical superiority of Low Noise Architecture (135 ... 150 dB SNR) but will be able to share Lawo’s expertise and innovative designs, such as Hyperpanning, all at a low-entry price.

Don’t miss out on the Lawo Plug-in Collection presentation ─ visit the Lawo booth at Prolight+Sound, Hall 8, Booth B11.