Promotional offer: Lawo Plugin Server at special conditions

Revolutionary technology for all budgets.

After the successful market launch early last year, Lawo AG promotes their Plugin Server at a very attractive price. From 15th January 2009, the price of the server hardware, without a redundant PSU, will be 5,900 EUR; hardware with a redundant PSU is priced at 6,200 EUR. Within this promotion campaign, Lawo supplies - in a special bundle with the Lawo Plugin Server - the Dolby Decoder Plugin Streaming for the small additional cost of 2,000 EUR, instead of the normal price of 2,850 EUR, when ordered individually.

Designed as a dedicated environment for VST-type audio processing plug-ins, the server facilitates seamless integration with the company’s mc² series third-generation consoles, while providing greater flexibility in the use and routing of processed signals — all while freeing the host recording platform from the system overhead typically associated with numerous plug-in processors.

The Lawo Plugin Server accepts all VST-type audio processing plugins without any modification whatsoever. With Lawo’s plugin integration, all plugin parameters are accessible directly from within the mc² series console, with all visual feedback occurring on the console’s central display. This arrangement enables the mixing engineer to remain focussed on the mixing environment. The mc² mixing console is aware of all the plugin’s various parameters, and all parameters are stored for later recall along with all other mix data for any given production. Compatible with multiple hardware platforms, the Lawo Plugin Server supports any well designed plugin, and has been tested and found to be fully operational with plugins from leading developers such as Sonnox (Oxford), Waves, Universal Audio and TC Electronic.

For further information, please contact Lawo Headquarters in Rastatt, Germany, or your local Lawo representative.