It may all be Chinese to you

Lawo will provide all-inclusive service support in Beijing.

‘When in China, do as the Chinese do’ — so, how to cope with different languages, different transportation systems, different mobile networks, etc? Thanks to Lawo’s long-term experience in China, next year we will be able to support our partners in the run-up to, and during, the games in Beijing. Should any type of problem occur, the Lawo Service Office will offer support — in finding transportation facilities, interpreters, help with accommodation, and if necessary, even provide a local SIM card for your mobile!

In this way, Lawo customers, in addition to our technical support, can rely on the wide range of country-specific expertise we have acquired through our Beijing office. Fast, straightforward help is our foremost intention; it doesn’t matter whether you need drivers or runners, if you have to organize food and beverages, or if you need to rent off-site workspace in the capital, in Beijing you can depend on Lawo’s comprehensive and reliable support.

If you want to take advantage of this support in Beijing, please send your requirements to marcom(at)lawo.de, so we can add these to our range of services.

The Lawo team in Beijing is looking forward to supporting you in the challenging task ahead.