Lawo establishes further R&D Center


LES Switzerland in the starting blocks.

Since September 1, the newly-founded company, LES Switzerland GmbH - LES stands for ‘Lawo Engineering Services’ - supports the R&D activities of Lawo. By establishing a further development site and increasing the R&D staff, the Rastatt console manufacturer is investing in the future: in addition to the developments for the established product portfolio of Lawo, the new R&D company will predominantly advance the development of new products for the professional audio market.

The development team of LES Switzerland in Zurich consists of experienced software and hardware engineers who, by their previous successes, prior to LES, possess high expertise in the pro audio field. The LES associates are highly motivated: “We are happy that at Lawo we find ideal R&D conditions to translate our experience and ideas in a creative way”, said a staff member of the new R&D center in Zurich.

Since its foundation more than 40 years ago, Lawo has always dedicated a high quota of its investments to a strong and competent R&D which offers market-orientated products mainly for the broadcast and live domain. With its highly qualified staff in R&D, manufacture and project engineering staff, Lawo, with its innovative products and bespoke solutions, has always been a pioneer within the industry.