Lawo and Optocore cooperate


First project for Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria.

Lawo, manufacturer of mixing consoles and routing systems, and Optocore, provider of synchronous audio networks, are planning closer cooperation in the future, following the successful completion of their first project in Salzburg, Austria. For this, Optocore developed a ‘Lawo Emulation Mode’, which enables a Lawo console to communicate with Optocore I/O units. These are mainly used in the fields of sound reinforcement, fixed installations and broadcast. This new development allows the Lawo console to receive audio signals and control Optocore preamps.

The installation of a Lawo mc²66 console, and its accompanying transition from analogue to digital mixing console technology, was the focus of modernisation at Mozarteum University last year. This will enable faster workflow and digital networking of the complete building. “The mc²66 is a reliable console and provides excellent audio quality. It’s success in radio stations, theatres and concert houses certainly tipped the balance in favour of Lawo,” explains Dipl. Ing. Peter Schmidt, head of the audio and video technology department at the university, when asked what made them choose Lawo.

Mozarteum University already had an Optocore installation for the transfer of control data and audio and video signals. The installation is used for tapping signals from the various concert halls and studios in the university, and mixing them in the studio control room. Following a proposal from the university, the companies involved worked on a solution to enable communication between the Lawo console and the Optocore network. The console now controls 96 Optocore Mic/Line inputs and 96 Line outputs that are distributed throughout the building. Selection of which of the 200 available Mic/Line preamps are controlled can be modified on demand in groups of 8.

The collaboration in this initial project included implementation of the control protocol used by Lawo’s DALLIS stage boxes. Based on this, the LEM (Lawo Emulation Mode) was created. Following a successful start, everything is now in place for further cooperation between Lawo and Optocore.