The countdown for UEFA EURO 2008 has started at ORF

Before kick-off, the mc²90 successfully handles the trial run.

The qualifying European teams have already been named and, in their training camps, the nominated players are preparing for the European soccer championship. The teams in Austrian broadcaster ORF’s RP11* sports studio control room have also already completed numerous training sessions for this major sports event — a EURO soccer competition in their home country.

At the start of the European championship, ORF will go on air in HDTV; this has necessitated a complete rebuild of the Vienna-based sports studio, as well as the installation of state-of-the-art technology. During these alterations, SCR RP11 was equipped with a mc²90 console from Lawo.

Immediately after delivery of the audio mixing console at the end of February, the first training sessions took place during March. In the meantime, ORF got everything ready for the ‘big day’. ‘Hot’ HDTV trial runs for the video and sound control rooms have been taking place throughout May, with simulated TV programmes and practice in handling different potential situations. The sound engineers and technicians have established their preferred settings and configurations, and created setups, and stored them. The audio editors are also in a state of readiness.

On the 1st June, shortly before the EURO 2008 kick-off, ORF will go on air in their new studio with their traditional Sunday sports programme: ‘Sport am Sonntag’ — live in HDTV for the first time. After this ‘test match’ it should be all plain sailing for live HDTV coverage of EURO 2008.

*The RP11 sound control room is centrally situated in an ORF studio complex that consists of several small studios, including a bluescreen studio, a virtual studio and a studio with props. All the studios are connected to the sound control room, making this a most flexible studio to control room environment.