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New V4.6 software release for mc² and Nova73 HD

Lawo showed at the IBC 2009 the new Version 4.6 software release for the company’s mc² series production consoles and the Nova73 HD routing system. The new V4.6 software introduces numerous new features and advancements designed to streamline workflow, with two primary areas of emphasis:
(1) Dynamic Automation enhancement, including Trim and TC-Editing features and
(2) a sophisticated Offline preparation and Online assistance tool.

mxGUI - Not just software but a tool for saving time and money

One of the most significant enhancements within Release V4.6 is the introduction of the matrix GUI (identified as mxGUI). Optionally available for use with V4.6 and subsequent release versions, mxGUI is a standalone application that enables the configuration and operation of mc² series consoles as well as the operation of the Nova 73HD from any common PC. The software’s functionality is available for both direct online operation while connected to the system as well as offline tasks such as the preparation of productions, snapshots, etc.

Strip Assign in the mxGUI for offline preparation

The mxGUI software runs on PC’s using either the Windows XP® or Vista® operating systems. When the system is offline, all available GUI pages of the desk are accessible and most console parameters can be operated and adjusted. Production and snapshot data that has been created in this manner may be easily transferred to a USB stick or directly to the console via the Files Transfer page, making mxGUI a very powerful and efficient tool that optimizes one’s workflow.

The Strip-Assign Page allows the full preparation of all 6 banks and even offers the bus- and VCA Assign in the offline mode. When in online mode, the PC functions as a second or third full GUI which makes parallel operation significantly easier, as labelling, crosspoint settings etc. can be now edited independently by the system engineer while the sound engineer prepares his mix or is live on-air. Up to 16 online GUIs can be in parallel use. With the option to display the metering on a PC it is a conveniently possible to increase the number of display units in a SRC. The mxGUI via WLAN: making the mxGUI a powerful tool for remote operation on a stage in a theatre.

For the first time the mc² series third generation includes now a matrix view in a XY-manner. The matrix page not only does give the operator an alternative routing page but enhances the routing operation with so called partial snapshots and prepared routing as well as a faster navigation through the whole system with back and forward keys and a comprehensive search dialog. A partial snapshot saves and recalls selected sources or destinations and can be used to create an easy line-up procedure or prepares the routing for just the harddisk recording system.

Matrix-Page with Crosspoint Prepare and Signal Find

Handmade individuality

A completely new development is the Custom Configuration Page, providing the possibility to make individual configurations active for User buttons, the routing matrix etc. The user now benefits from the experience and the possibilities of the Lawo configuration crew and can adapt the console individual each day, depending on the type of production he has to deal with. Several advanced functions can be set on this page like static connects, machine control functions, GPO mapping etc. to mention only a few.

Flexible and easy automation

With Release 4.6, a comprehensive enhancement of the Dynamic Automation has been realized. Two big feature sets are now available: TRIM functionalities for all parameters in a relative mode - all faders drive with trim from a common zero to the middle) and flying fader mode, which enables the direct trim intervention out of a mix. And now you just have to select whether you want to trim all parameters or just a channel. A highlight surely is the TC editing, allowing, among others, copying, pasting and shortening automation data - the mc² offers this in a unique flexibility and easy operation.

TC Edit for Pass or Channel in access

The range of applications for these features is wide: Shortening a transmission, inserting settings of a new report into a transmission which is already prepared, copying fader movements from one chorus to another in a music production, to mention only a few.

Efficient and clear

In addition, the whole automation is now available for the mc²56 as well through 2 virtual automation panels on the main touch screen. Two pages offer, on a big touch button, a 100% mirroring of the complete functionality from the bigger family members mc²66 and mc²90.

Virtual Automation Panel mc²56

The library of the best sounds

With the V4.6 software release you can now store your favourite sound settings in a DSP preset. A preset not only can save individual modules of a channel like EQ or Hyperpanning but on demand also all channel settings including the channel configuration in a file. Of course, also the presets are available offline.

100% data portability is, in the mc² family, prerequisite for all feature. Thus it is also possible for the DSP presets - not only can they be copied on a console from one channel to another but are 100% exchangeable between different mixing consoles with different sizes and configurations from V4.6.

DSP Presets

The software is available since August 2009.