Faster, more powerful, more flexible:

The new GUI V4.8

A new interface for the mc²-series and the Nova73 HD-systems - available since January and already in use at Whistler Mountain - allows for an even faster and more flexible workflow. In addition to a new design, the 4.8 release also makes its mark with innovative networking possibilities and individual configurations.

The new channel display features additional colour and textural information for the VCA and Link displays. In addition, due to a complete redesign, it is now possible to interconnect any number of channels, even with an almost unlimited number of link groups. Each link group can moreover be linked with different modules, such as fader, mute or EQ. Most importantly, a colour and name can be assigned to each group, which guarantees the ability to differentiate the various link groups in a channel with absolute certainty. Each channel can even meter one of the first 8 linked channels, comparable to a VCA master.

The same method of differentiating with colours is now also available for VCA slaves. In addition to a permanent link group, a temporary link of multiple channels can be created using the Couple function, allowing for the quick adjustment of all of the grouped channels’ parameters. Changing the level of Aux-Send 1 or Input Gain for a large number of channels can therefore be completed with only three moves. Even Bus Assign can be established efficiently within a coupled group.

Additional templates for the creation of individual configurations have also been included in the V4.8 release. The user can now independently change the function of user buttons on the fader, and select them to the N-1, Audio Follow Video, or Left to Both/Right to Both functions.

GUI V4.8 has already been supplied to many systems. Currently, it is in action at the international sport competitions in Whistler, Canada, for the broadcast of international feeds from the luge, skeleton and bobsleigh events.