Lawo presents new radio console.


World premiere of the sapphire at IBC, Hall 8 / C71.

The sapphire, newest member of Lawo’s radio console family, celebrates its world premiere. Providing long time experience in the broadcast sector, the console was created in Lawo’s innovative R&D department in close cooperation with radio makers.

The challenge in today’s on-air- and production studios is to embrace a variety of different demands. On the one hand, technicians and engineers focus on a mixing console’s flexibility as well as its technical and tonal capabilities, while editors and self-op presenters look for intuitive operation and a design creating an inviting atmosphere for their studio guests.

The sapphire achieves these requirements through a unique combination of a fresh and intuitive control surface, high performance and maximum flexibility. Thus, customers can tailor their on-air- or production studio exactly to their personal needs and requirements.

In terms of its design, the sapphire is based on the successful crystal console, including the extremely flat construction. Specifically, this allows customers to place the console easily in the studio wherever it fits best. At the same time, the high quality, solid aluminium surface will prevail even in the most strenuous situations during day-to-day radio operations.

The sapphire’s up to 40 faders can either be placed arbitrarily on individual studio islands or integrated into the desk, allowing moderators to work from different positions while the studio is on-air. And this flexibility extends even further: using layers, up to 80 mono sources can be connected simultaneously. In addition to mono, stereo and 5.1 sources are possible as well, each of which can be assigned to a single fader. In addition, the configuration of individual buttons is highly flexible if desired. Being thus entirely subordinated to the individual requirements of sound engineers and presenters, the control of even tonally sophisticated programs becomes simple and self-explanatory. In essence, this allows the focus to shift entirely to the issue at hand: the production of the broadcast.

Arranging controls even more efficiently and allowing quicker access to additional channel parameters, different modules with longer channel strips, so-called “Extensions” can be chosen. They feature high-quality OLED displays, rotary controls, and buttons. With the sapphire, an optional Overbridge with high quality surface and modern design can be added to allow displaying channels directly via the channel strips.

The heart of the sapphire is based on the proven DALLIS system. Given this extremely powerful and flexible DSP infrastructure, users can tailor the console’s functionality to their personal preferences. Various other tools, such as an integrated router, signal processing with dynamics units, EQ, silence detects, or the integrated talkback function, contribute to this end.

Finally, users have access to a wide spectrum of interfaces that covers all standard formats and is constantly updated. Customers can rest assured of the sapphire’s sustainability, and its ability to grow with their requirements. Allowing access to respective IP-based audio networks and the efficient connection to other studios, the sapphire will feature a RAVENNA Audio-over-IP interface in the near future.

Overall, the sapphire proves, yet again, Lawo’s ability to develop and manufacture cutting-edge radio consoles through a combination of listening to the users and implementing user feedback, as well as technical expertise paired with proven technology and sustainable features.