Puccini meets Lawo.

How technology allows new sound experience in Bregenz.

Tosca, the big musical play all about dear love, burning jealousy and legendary betrayal. Tosca is pure passion. A passion which in 2007 the Bregenz audience also experienced very closely, for instance, thanks to a specially developed audio technology, also known as “Bregenz Open Acoustics” (BOA). 

The objective of the BOA project is to create any possible acoustic environment for the festival audience. Under the auspices of the acoustic division of the Bregenz festival, an acoustic design was therefore developed which enables new options in three-dimensional acoustics as well as in simulating a theatre hall. The implementation is based on the wave field synthesis of the Fraunhofer Institute and the know-how of the various Lawo products: on two mc²66 mixers, two Nova73 HD as wave field synthesis DSP cores and a Nova73 HD as image control DSP core. The top quality of the result is proven by the opera review in the Münchner Merkur newspaper: “BOA, 'Bregenz Open Acoustic', makes our Dolby Surround or THX sound in our cinemas seem like granddad’s Telefunken system. For the first time is the sound as spectacular as the scene on the Lake Stage.”