New Software Release V4.14.


New features for perfectly adapted workflows.

Lawo is proud to present an exciting new software version for mc² consoles and the Nova73 HD router. V4.14 is packed with a brilliant set of new tools designed to brighten a sound engineer’s workflow.

Loudness Metering
For some time a continued worsening in the ‘Loudness war’ has been taking place in television broadcasting. The result: TV viewers, time and time again, have to grab the TV remote between programmes, in order to modify the audio level to their personal listening preference. So that loudness adjustment need no longer be left to the end user, the ITU has developed the BS.1770-1 standard, which enables loudness to be measured using objective criteria. This was a starting point for the EBU and ATSC to define a uniform standard for loudness metering in the USA and Europe. After a two year period of discussion, a new standard in metering has finally been approved: Loudness Metering, a simple but effective principle that provides the objective measurement of loudness for a wide range of audio material, and benefits for nearly every listener.

Loudness metering is designed to help eliminate jumps in audio loudness between different TV/radio programmes, and even during a single programme. The overall sound quality will be improved using average loudness measurement instead of ‘brick wall’ limited peaks as the reference for transmission levels.

This new tool for metering and transmission is already mandatory in the USA, and will become obligatory in Europe next year. Be prepared for this major change! With a simple software update, Lawo’s mc² series now provides all the tools for metering according to the international Loudness Metering standards of today.

Based on these standards, and by means of Software Release V4.14, Lawo has now incorporated loudness metering according to the EBU and ATSC recommendations in the mc² series mixing consoles, the first consoles in the world with the capability to meter loudness on every channel.

Lawo’s Loudness Metering, which can be combined at any time with a True Peak display, allows for loudness metering of any individual channel in Momentary or Short-term mode, with each main output facilitating the integration of loudness over time.

For ease of use, Lawo’s Loudness Metering can be operated using presets for the two standards, EBU R 128 and ATSC A/85. Furthermore, Loudness Metering throughout a complete production can be displayed in the GUI header display.

Equipped with all the tools needed to operate according to the new Loudness metering standards, all mc² consoles can be well prepared for this revolution in mixing.

Downmix Functionality
Software Release 4.14 also includes a downmix facility for 5.1 surround sound on mc² consoles. A new GUI page enables the operator to adjust downmix levels for individual channels, as well as the overall level of the stereo downmix. Up to four different stereo downmixes with different parameters and centre signals can be created from one 5.1 source.

Extra Faders option
Lawo has developed a surface option for its mc²66 console that incorporates requests of many users and customers: maximum fader density and 8 additional faders in the Sweet Spot. However, if preferred, you can still choose between the classic layout and the new Short Control fader panel. Two new user panels, Screen Control and Reveal Surround Fader, complement the Extra Fader option; these can be placed flexibly within the console layout.

Screen Control and Reveal Surround Fader User Panels
All the classic functions, including a joystick panner, bus assignment, and 12 user buttons, have been retained within the Screen Control user panel for efficient workflow. Both the Short Control fader panel and the two new user panels interact with a new GUI page on the touchscreen, for the control of functions such as strip assignment. How about breaking out your surround channels? The new control surface variant offers this function, thanks to the Reveal Surround Fader user panel.

Key features of the Extra Fader option:

962/29 - Reveal Surround Fader User Panel

962/31 - Short Control Fader Panel

962/30 - Screen Control User Panel

GUI Touch Screen Access/Assign

mxGUI software

The perfect On and Offline tool.
Feedback from customers confirms it again and again: the mxGUI has established itself as a standard tool, and scarcely any sound engineer would want to do without the benefits of this software. Thanks to smoother workflows and the best possible pre-preparation, the mxGUI guarantees less stress in those high-pressure moments. The software excels in two different applications: Online for the parallel operation of systems, and offline for the preparation of productions, snapshots and much more.

Key features at a glance: